Where have you been!?

Good question! I think I have gotten a bit pre occupied with my life recently and have not had as much time to post to the site. I hope to have a handful of new desktops up in the coming week for all of you craving some new desktops (and I know you are out there) In other news I will be doing some maintenance/server clearing to the site soon so you may see a day of downtime at some point in the next week or two. Also, thanks to all of my visitors to the site. I noticed that my numbers are right around 18,000 visits a month these days which is strange to think about that many people coming to the site but its fun and I hope you all enjoy it!

Also, I am still craving donations to help get my new desktop project underway. MANY thanks to David and Fabian, a couple regulars around here for their help in this department.

Well, thats all for now so until next time, have a good one... Au Revoir.