Heading West

Sorry for the lack of posting here in the past few days, the end of the year has been quite a busy one. Show after show of work, holiday activities, a few issues that I can't go into here which involve one of the biggest ass's ever to walk the earth and in between all of what life has thrown my way over the past week or so I have been trying to scramble together my things for a 6+ week road trip across the U.S.

Speaking of my trip, I mentioned it in the podcast once but I don't believe I have officially let readers in on what is going on with it. On Thursday I will be departing for what I am planning on being a six week trek across the country on my own. My main destinations are mostly in the Colorado Plateau (four corners) area in the southwest and hiking/backpacking my way through all of the beautiful canyons of the area in the chilly solitude of the winter. I am planning on camping in a tent the majority of my time on the road but I'm sure an occasional hotel will be thrown in for a shower and some warmth here and there. I am also considering heading all the way out towards California to San Francisco and crashing the Mac-World Expo but we will just have to wait and see about that.

The southwestern US is an area that I have visited 4 times now I believe but never have I been there but certainly not in the winter like this. It will just be me, my car, and whatever belongings I end up bringing with me.

So this said, I'm sure you must realize that I will not be able to access the internet all that often to post updates here on the site but when I do stumble upon a random hi-fi spot you can expect updates and plenty of photos here on the site from my trip. I am hoping that I will have some stories and photos that will make up for the infrequency of my posts during the trip. You can expect some nice desktops from the road as well as possible podcasts and things. It should be quite an adventure and I hope to let you guys in on it as much as I can.

So If you don't see posts all to often don't think I am closing up shop, I will simply be out in the remote areas of the Southwestern United States. So wish me luck and I will talk to you guys again sometime soon!