Time keeps on ticking

I have some new ideas for the site and I thought I would write up a post and see what you readers thought of them. I feel as though I am still looking for that perfect formula for the site where it is informative, entertaining, well designed, and draws people to interact with and visit the site.

Ill start with the podcast. I know for a fact that I will be changing the name of the podcast soon to "Sound of Living" It is in a verse of a song that will be included on my next music podcast which I will be releasing soon. I know that it is not the most regularly updated podcast out there and I understand that that is a big no no among those who regularly listen to podcasts butto tell you the truth, I honestly dont care. I will continue to update it and use the broad range of shows which mostly include soundscape recordings and music episodes. I am still looking for an easier way to record high quality stereo soundscapes and I think this will end up being fixed when I get some nice little mics that I have my eye on. So anyway you can still keep an eye on the feed for new episodes to pop up here and there and when you do see them dont forget to stop by and leave a comment to let me know what you thought.

Up next is the desktop section, the bread and butter of the site. I think 90 percent of the visitors of the site came for the desktop images. I love sharing appropriate images with everyone and handing them out for anyone to use at the highest resolution I feel comfortable releasing them. I've mentioned this in the past and I will mention this again, Its nice to know that people all around the world enjoy my images enough to include them in their everyday life. One of these days I will have prints available. Anyway I wanted to mention that I would like to take the desktop section of the site and expand it to become a multi blogger blog and get some other people involved by bringing them into the twisetdsun.net family or maybe start a new site for desktops and just make this into simply my personal blog and podcast. When I say get others involved I mean hand pick other photographers to come and post desktops on the site on their own. Preferably from around the world. I do have a few photographers in mind but who knows if they would be interested, I've never talked to any of them. So thats what I've been thinking on that front. What do you guys think?

And onto the blog here. Depending on what happens with the desktop section I will be either keeping this at the front end of the site or move it back and let the desktops become the front end of the site again. I'm really not sure yet. If I can come up with a new identity for the desktop page I may start up a new site for them which is something I've talked about for a long time now. I'm thinking something similar to 'Sound of Living' but something to do with light. I have started a new personal page on my .mac account that I have been posting more everyday photos that I don't normally post here on the site and I called that Light of Life but that sounds kind of cheesy. I don't know, I'm probably over thinking this. I do that sometimes...