Real Katamari.. kind of


There is an advertising firm that accidentally made an ad closely resembling the video game Katamari Damacy and you simply must check it out. Links are below...

link to interview
link to movie

Hey look!


Some new desktops are up! Five actually, two of which are on the friends page and are two of four that I have to post in that section (the others will be there soon). The image in this post is one of them, absolutely wonderful shots I'd say. Head over and check em out.

Things you know but don't know

Here is an interesting article / blog post about 6 commonly believed things that are in fact wrong. Everything from myths about the sky being blue to people thinking the world is flat.



There we go

Yes, this is another, why I have not posted much recently post. Ive just been busy thats all. Not much else to say other than I do have a couple of desktops ready to go I jsut need to make a moment to get them all packaged, zipped, uploaded, and ready to go. I also have four new friends desktops that are simply amazing really and I can not wait to post them, just you wait, it will be well worth it! Im pushing for tomorrow for a wave of updates but we will just see how my day goes. till then!


I hate to use such obvious internet slang around here but it felt appropriate. Something I came across digg today was a link to this video:

Easily one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen. How could I not post this? It is Just to WEIRD!


twistedsun hi-fi #3

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - The Letting Go

Bonnie 'prince' billy is one of those musicians that is hit or miss for me. There are a number of his many many albums that I do enjoy and those tend to lean towards the minimal guy and his guitar singing out on his porch with a mic sitting near by material. With his newest release "The Letting Go" he has released a gem of an album. (hows that for reviewer slang, gem. eesh) Full of slow whispering songs it has sucked me in and made it to my weekly list here.

Corrina Repp - The Absent and the Distant

I have been Listening to Corrina Repp for what seems like quite a few years now. Her releases on Hush records have been nothing but an inspiration in my life. She takes a super minimal approach to the singer song writer genera and plays songs that feel oh so fragile but shine through with their strong lyrical backing. She has written some of my favorite music in the past few years and so I am really excited to have a copy of her newest release "The Absent and the Distant" which was released on Mark Kozelek's newish record label, Caldo Verde. With this release she has stepped out of her bounds slightly and introduced a somewhat fuller sound by her standards with drums and layers of other instruments. All in all another beautiful release that I can not recommend highly enough.

Audion+Ellen Allien - Just a Man/ Just a Woman

My dance album pick of the week is this EP from Audion and Ellen Allien on Ghostly's 'other' label Spectral. Together for a classic split EP one song each and one remix each. At least thats what I can gather from what I know. If you are looking for some nice subtle dance tracks that are almost more calming then energizing then check this release out. It would be great for a late night dance party or for times when you may need something steady but not in your face.

Susumu Yokota - Sakura

One more this week, I had some others pulled to feature but decided to stick to just a few this time around. I stumbled across this on emusic I believe and I have no idea why I have not heard Susumu Yokota before now. This is a brilliant album full of warm ambient songs and the occasional subtle beat thrown in.


Weird Al has done it again

Im sure some readers may know that I am a fan of Weird Al. Ive been listening to him since I was a little kid running around listening to his cassettes. I know his parody versions of songs better than the originals even to this day. Well this video has been making the rounds online and I just had to post it.


Time keeps on ticking

I have some new ideas for the site and I thought I would write up a post and see what you readers thought of them. I feel as though I am still looking for that perfect formula for the site where it is informative, entertaining, well designed, and draws people to interact with and visit the site.

Ill start with the podcast. I know for a fact that I will be changing the name of the podcast soon to "Sound of Living" It is in a verse of a song that will be included on my next music podcast which I will be releasing soon. I know that it is not the most regularly updated podcast out there and I understand that that is a big no no among those who regularly listen to podcasts butto tell you the truth, I honestly dont care. I will continue to update it and use the broad range of shows which mostly include soundscape recordings and music episodes. I am still looking for an easier way to record high quality stereo soundscapes and I think this will end up being fixed when I get some nice little mics that I have my eye on. So anyway you can still keep an eye on the feed for new episodes to pop up here and there and when you do see them dont forget to stop by and leave a comment to let me know what you thought.

Up next is the desktop section, the bread and butter of the site. I think 90 percent of the visitors of the site came for the desktop images. I love sharing appropriate images with everyone and handing them out for anyone to use at the highest resolution I feel comfortable releasing them. I've mentioned this in the past and I will mention this again, Its nice to know that people all around the world enjoy my images enough to include them in their everyday life. One of these days I will have prints available. Anyway I wanted to mention that I would like to take the desktop section of the site and expand it to become a multi blogger blog and get some other people involved by bringing them into the family or maybe start a new site for desktops and just make this into simply my personal blog and podcast. When I say get others involved I mean hand pick other photographers to come and post desktops on the site on their own. Preferably from around the world. I do have a few photographers in mind but who knows if they would be interested, I've never talked to any of them. So thats what I've been thinking on that front. What do you guys think?

And onto the blog here. Depending on what happens with the desktop section I will be either keeping this at the front end of the site or move it back and let the desktops become the front end of the site again. I'm really not sure yet. If I can come up with a new identity for the desktop page I may start up a new site for them which is something I've talked about for a long time now. I'm thinking something similar to 'Sound of Living' but something to do with light. I have started a new personal page on my .mac account that I have been posting more everyday photos that I don't normally post here on the site and I called that Light of Life but that sounds kind of cheesy. I don't know, I'm probably over thinking this. I do that sometimes...

Of turtles

as per request...

New Desktops

Three new desktops are up and they are all of toys!


twistedsun hi-fi #2

OK so I have decided to change the name of my weekly music recap from 'In Rotation' to the twistedsun hi-fi. There have been some great new music all of a sudden after a year of so-so releases so there has been plenty of new music around to listen to...

Pasted Graphic 1
Early Day Miners - 'Jefferson at Rest'

This album was on last weeks list and it is making it's second appearance simply because it is such a great release. Think post-rock meets Low meets al around great song writing. Why have I not heard these guys before? I have a copy of their newest release that just came out and will check that out when I can. As with most of the things I list here it comes highly recommended. (be sure to at least listen to the amazing track, Awake)

Viva Voce - 'Get Yr Blood Sucked Out'

Some of you that have been following the site for a while may remember be posting a Viva Voce song as a favorite and I always meant to post the whole album as a review but never got around to it. The album im talking about is called The Heat Can Melt Your Brain and it is one of my all time favorites, something about it really clicked with me and after seeing them twice live I could safely say that I was a huge fan. So here we have a new album by the group and at first listen I was not to sure if I liked it all that much and was somewhat disappointed but the more I listen to it the more and more I love it. Check out the first song 'Believer' its a head nodding hand clapping good time!

Catfish Haven - 'Tell Me'

Catfish Haven is another group that just kind of snuck up out of no where and really impressed me. The group is somewhat tricky to describe. Kind of like Black Keys but more soul roots than blues. Whatever you want to call it its a great album and I cant get enough of it.

Ellen Allien & Apparat - 'Orchestra of Bubbles'

Moving back into electronic music land I have come across this album co-produced by Ellen Allen and Apparat. Although there are a handful of tracks that I find myself skipping over the good ones are really amazing dance tracks that lean more towards the IDM side of dance music. Clean production and hard hitting bass really give it a stand out sound and it has been my electronic album of choice the past week or so.

Tom Yorke - 'The Eraser'

I will mention one last album this week and that is Tom Yorke's new solo album The Eraser. The first song I heard from it is called Black Swan played during the credits of A Scanner Darkly and it is easily my favorite song on the album. The song does have explicit lyrics for those of you keeping tabs on that but it's a really really great song. The rest of the album took more time to get into but I am starting to like it more and more. For fans of Radioheads Kid A and beyond days when they stopped being so much of a band. It sure would be nice if they would take a stab at another rock record one of these days. They were so good at it you know?

Thats it for now, till next week...



As many of you may already know, Apple released the ability to play games on the video iPods yesterday and released 9 various games from a few different developers. They, in esence, created a new game platform which I think is absolutley brilliant on their part. It is something that seems to be getting overlooked for the most part (the gaming abilities that is) but I think it is a great addition to the players. Apple is setting themselves up once again just before the rush of the fourth quarter of the year begins and gives people even more of a reason to head the way of Apple for their computing.

Getting back to the subject at hand. Games on the iPod. I could not resist and as soon as the iTunes store was back up and running after its down time I picked out two games and downloaded them. After a brief bit of confusion caused by iTunes telling me that I needed a firmware upgrade on my iPod to run them and iTunes also telling me that my software was up to date I found that I just had to restart iTunes and then use the 'check for updates' menu item. My pod was then loaded with new gaming greatness and after adding them to my main menu on the iPod I clicked into Bejeweled and started flipping stones. I was amazed at just how well the thing ran the games. The graphis were smooth and rich for a screen and device so tiny. The controls were even easy to get around. I would have to say that they have a great idea here with slightly more advanced gaming now on the iPod. Being a closet gaming geek its nice to know that I dont have to look any further than my ipod for my 5 minute gaming fix here and there. Thanks Apple!

Coverflow and Apple


I was really impressed that apple actually bought the rights to the great app Coverflow that I mentioned a while back rather than just lifting the idea and calling it their own. I know apple has a history of making shareware makers software obsolete by putting out their own brand of whatever app. If only apple had done this in the past with the multiple other "ideas" they "borrowed" from other inventive developers. Good job apple!

via ipodlounge

By the way

Im back from my wedding shoot and it went very well. Now I am back and have 2000+ photos to dig through. lucky for me Aperture is running flawlessly on my macbook which is nice seeing as it is an unsuported computer. It's amazing really, about 1800 raw photos is a lot of data to dig through and it really is handeling the pressure really well. I have decided to keep the photos private for a few weks until I share them with the bride and groom out of respect for the event. I did however snap off a few shots for desktops to keep you guys happy. Anyways, ill be back later with some new desktops and whatnot and maybe that contest that no one seemed to be interested in. ta.



The new iPod Nano ad is really cool!



Leaving for a few days...

I will be heading out of town and away from the internet for a few days and so I wont be updating the site until monday or tuesday. Sorry for the downtime but it should be a great weekend. I will be shooting a wedding on saturday out at a farm which is where the recent farm desktops were from. Anyways, I will be thinking of that contest I mentioned a couple posts back and maybe get something going when I return. Till then, hope everyone has a great weekend. Ill be back soon with new desktops (I have a few lined up) and more so check back then!


Clark is free


I have been a fan of Chris Clark since his first record out on Warp Records years ago which set him up as one of the most unique IDM musicians out there. He has defiantly crafted his own sound among electronic musicians with his crunchy sounds and his playful, danceable compositions. In preparation for the release of his next full length he will be releasing three free mp3 downloads as teasers for the full album due in october. So far two of them have been released so far and you can download them here.

Videos everywhere...

A while back I posted about a new Boards of Canada video and I am posting it again just because Warp added it to YouTube and so I can embed it into the blog here which is nice. Its just such a cool video. The footage in the beginning is from the highest skydive jump in history or something like that, very cool.

... and just for good measure, here is a Jamie Lidell Video as well. In fact, this video is what got me so hooked on his music.

... ok one more, promise. More Jamie, this is another version of the song above but performed live by looking his own voice and singing over it. Amazing!


In Rotation #1

I realize that my music reviews have all but dropped to zero in the past couple of moths and as I think I have mentioned before that is because I simply don't have the time to make the site as huge and mega as I wanted it to be when I expanded it a year ago. So as a compromise I have decided to start up a weekly feature on the music I have been listening to that week. Sometimes it will be something new and I may write specifics about it and sometimes it will be a simple list of albums that I have had on a lot in the past week. Either way it should be a good way to explore some new music for those of you who are as hooked on the never ending quest to find all of the best music out there today and then proceed to listen to your favorite bits until each chord and tweak of a sound is embedded into your mind. Or who knows, it may spark conversations in the comments. We will just have to see how it goes to find that out now wont we. So without further introductory ranting I bring to you what music has been in heavy rotation in my ears in the past week.



Pasted Graphic 1




Happy anniversary to

I somehow totally missed this but if you glance at the sidebar and count the months you will find that it has been just over a year now since the launch of the current version of this site. I know it has gone through a lot of changes in the past year and I am excited about its future. I just wanted to leave a note marking the occasion and I am thinking of trying to pry some words out of all of those silent readers of the site that I have never heard from. I know sites only have a fraction of their audience participate in the happenings of the site which is fine by me for the most part but its always nice to see more even is its forced so im thinking up a contest, an interactive thing somehow if I can think of something good. Ill think of a cool prize too, something like an exclusive signed print of something and some gift certificate money or something. Who knows. Something festive but relevant. Well see how it goes. Im not promising anything but it sounds fun none the less...

(just out of curiosity, does anyone reading this remember what the homepage of looked like when in the first year or so of having desktops available for download? I was just starting to have work featured on pixelgirlpresents and pulling in some decent traffic at the time...)


Growing Along

(IMG_0001.jpg was the first shot on the new 5d. After a quick check I found that I had shot well over 15000 photos on my 20d, heres to many more)

Well I have had my 5d for a while now and I could not be happier with it. All of the shortcomings of my 20d have suddenly been forgotten and replaced with beautiful clarity. The combination of the full frame sensor and my new 35mm 1.4L is wonderful. I was somewhat worried that the 5d would take some time to master and learn how to use but thankfully the way it functions is very similar to the 20d. All of the buttons are in familiar places and for the most part all of my custom functions that I am used to having around are still there which was a relief. It's interesting how something as simple as a new camera can cause such a ripple in my curiosity to learn more and more and more about photography and light. It is such a beautiful thing!

I find that when I hit my exposures spot on the focus with this camera is so crystal clear it gives me a whole new goal in my shooting which is to master the art of the exposure and get that rush of zooming in 100 percent and seeing that crisp beautiful color and detail. I have recently been reading the first in a three part series of books written by the late Ansel Adams and it has gotten me to brush up a good bit on various types of cameras and the abilities of each and the part that I am really enjoying is the fact that the book is obviously written purely on analogue photography. It has gotten me to become more and more fascinated by the nitty gritty. The little things. The things that make a great photo not only a work of art but a perfect balance of control over the exposure and control of the light in moment in time I am capturing. I have started to look at everything around me in layers and compositions. Ill tell you one nice perk of seeing things this way, the light of the world just looks so damn beautiful to me all of the time.

So anyways, it's been great getting a chance to work with some higher class gear. It has defiantly inspired me to push on and I am really excited about continuing to learn and grow as a photographer. Thanks for reading along through the process. should be fun...



Remember the time before YouTube?

Me neither...