As many of you may already know, Apple released the ability to play games on the video iPods yesterday and released 9 various games from a few different developers. They, in esence, created a new game platform which I think is absolutley brilliant on their part. It is something that seems to be getting overlooked for the most part (the gaming abilities that is) but I think it is a great addition to the players. Apple is setting themselves up once again just before the rush of the fourth quarter of the year begins and gives people even more of a reason to head the way of Apple for their computing.

Getting back to the subject at hand. Games on the iPod. I could not resist and as soon as the iTunes store was back up and running after its down time I picked out two games and downloaded them. After a brief bit of confusion caused by iTunes telling me that I needed a firmware upgrade on my iPod to run them and iTunes also telling me that my software was up to date I found that I just had to restart iTunes and then use the 'check for updates' menu item. My pod was then loaded with new gaming greatness and after adding them to my main menu on the iPod I clicked into Bejeweled and started flipping stones. I was amazed at just how well the thing ran the games. The graphis were smooth and rich for a screen and device so tiny. The controls were even easy to get around. I would have to say that they have a great idea here with slightly more advanced gaming now on the iPod. Being a closet gaming geek its nice to know that I dont have to look any further than my ipod for my 5 minute gaming fix here and there. Thanks Apple!