Photos from the past few days..

This is the first time in a while that I have sat down to go through my photos and eesh, there are so many that I know that I cant manage to post them all. I could also probably write a whole post for each one of them but I want to get back out there and get a hike in today. So I hope that you enjoy this little sampler of photos and I will try and get a couple desktops up next time k? And away we go...

UPDATE: the images are now all slightly larger... slightly

photo 4
(from near las vegas. can anyone guess which casino that light is coming from? by the way, thats my car there..)

photo 5

photo 6
(sorry this is so dark and blurry, this is zion at night)

photo 7

photo 12
(part of the trail leading up to angels landing)

photo 14
(the ridge leading out to the peak)

photo 15
(a peak down next to the trail)

photo 16
(one last trail shot to angels landing)

photo 20
(view from the top)

photo 22
(on the way back down)

photo 31
(my friend the deer)

photo 33
(messing around before going to sleep)

photo 34
(another day another trail)

photo 39
(paying my respects for...)

photo 40

photo 41
(observation point)

photo 43
(a slot canyon i found)

photo 48

photo 51
(the road through the canyon)

photo 54
(still getting used to sleeping in the car...)

photo 53

photo 55
(last remains of my little campfire)

Well that is the abridged version, I hope that you can get an idea of the area from these shots, talk to you again sometime soon!

p.s - song of the moment: "13 Angels Standing Guard 'Round The Side Of Your Bed" by a band called 'A Silver Mt. Zion' ... easily one of the most beautiful songs in existence and perfect for this place...