New Weaver

I have been messing with a beta version of the new rapidweaver for a few weeks now it seems in the little holes of time i could find to mess around with it and there are a few new welcome features that i could use. Mainly that it works faster and is less or a resource hog. I will find out as soon as I hit the publish button in a minute here. For those of you who dont know, I have been using some mac software called rapidweaver for over a year now to maintain the site. Why this and not wordpress or something else? Well, simply because I like having everything from my site right here with me at all times to work on with or without internet connections. This and I like the way it functions and if they keep making the nice little changes that they have been making then im sure it will just get better and better as time goes on. Hopefully this will work a bit smoother in the uploading dept. which will lead to me being able to make posts more often if it is less time consuming. So as an added bonus to the post I will throw in a photo from my flicker page that people seem to be enjoying on that side of my web existence...