twistedsun hi-fi #9

The Cinematic Orchestra - Ma Fleur

I got my hands on an advance copy of this somehow and will be buying it the second its available. Its a new direction for the Cinematic Orchestra and its really wonderful. I have mentioned the song To Build A Home on here already and the rest of the album is equally impressive relaxed and certainly worth anyone checking out. Its just good music plain and simple. I only wish there was more of it. Do not let this one pass you by...

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Ezekiel Honig & Morgan Packard - Early Morning Migration

This is one that has been out for a while now but I just recently got my hands on it and Im glad that I did. It is full to the brim with great minimal ambient works that hide subtle melodies, field recordings, and the occasional rhythym if you are looking in the right places for it. If you are into ambient music then give this a listen because its really, really good. Sorry, I know im not a profesional reviewer or anything, just suggesting some good music, so im sorry for the boring reviews...

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Lusine - Podgelism

I have talked about lusine in the past somewhere on this site I am here again to talk about his newest release which is a remix album. The idea of a remix album is so fascinating to me because electronic music is often already remixes of sounds and the idea that musicians get together and rework each others music is a testament to the community that surrounds the genera. I guess you cant go around covering aphex twins songs but what you can do it take the music and add your own subtle touches and feeling to the music. Im not sure if I know what im talking about here but hopefully you understand. At any rate, this is a great album, very relaxed danceable music that would fit in all sorts of places in your life and if you are looking to get an extra bounce in your step during your day then check out this album. (eesh, again with the odd reviews.. maybe iI should just stick with a basic run down of albums, what do you think.. maybe next time)

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radicalfashion - Odori

This was released on hefty records recently and I finally decided to grab a copy of it and I am happy that I did. It's a beautiful mix of ambient electronic that does a fasinating job of brancing out all over as far as style. You will find yourself listening to a lovely piano like piece and then be left with a nobukazu takemura like glithch ambient piece and then get cought up inbetween these things. I found myself in many different places while listening to this record but most of all I found myself loving the smooth sound and relazing approach to the music. I know these words dont even really describe the music all that well but thats all ive got so follow the link below to find out more.

radicalfasion's page on hefty records site.


(oh, and i got my hands on an advance copy of the new/old Elliott Smith album New Moon and it is really wonderful, more on this after its oficial release...)