twistedsun hi-fi #2

OK so I have decided to change the name of my weekly music recap from 'In Rotation' to the twistedsun hi-fi. There have been some great new music all of a sudden after a year of so-so releases so there has been plenty of new music around to listen to...

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Early Day Miners - 'Jefferson at Rest'

This album was on last weeks list and it is making it's second appearance simply because it is such a great release. Think post-rock meets Low meets al around great song writing. Why have I not heard these guys before? I have a copy of their newest release that just came out and will check that out when I can. As with most of the things I list here it comes highly recommended. (be sure to at least listen to the amazing track, Awake)

Viva Voce - 'Get Yr Blood Sucked Out'

Some of you that have been following the site for a while may remember be posting a Viva Voce song as a favorite and I always meant to post the whole album as a review but never got around to it. The album im talking about is called The Heat Can Melt Your Brain and it is one of my all time favorites, something about it really clicked with me and after seeing them twice live I could safely say that I was a huge fan. So here we have a new album by the group and at first listen I was not to sure if I liked it all that much and was somewhat disappointed but the more I listen to it the more and more I love it. Check out the first song 'Believer' its a head nodding hand clapping good time!

Catfish Haven - 'Tell Me'

Catfish Haven is another group that just kind of snuck up out of no where and really impressed me. The group is somewhat tricky to describe. Kind of like Black Keys but more soul roots than blues. Whatever you want to call it its a great album and I cant get enough of it.

Ellen Allien & Apparat - 'Orchestra of Bubbles'

Moving back into electronic music land I have come across this album co-produced by Ellen Allen and Apparat. Although there are a handful of tracks that I find myself skipping over the good ones are really amazing dance tracks that lean more towards the IDM side of dance music. Clean production and hard hitting bass really give it a stand out sound and it has been my electronic album of choice the past week or so.

Tom Yorke - 'The Eraser'

I will mention one last album this week and that is Tom Yorke's new solo album The Eraser. The first song I heard from it is called Black Swan played during the credits of A Scanner Darkly and it is easily my favorite song on the album. The song does have explicit lyrics for those of you keeping tabs on that but it's a really really great song. The rest of the album took more time to get into but I am starting to like it more and more. For fans of Radioheads Kid A and beyond days when they stopped being so much of a band. It sure would be nice if they would take a stab at another rock record one of these days. They were so good at it you know?

Thats it for now, till next week...