Happy anniversary to twistedsun.net

I somehow totally missed this but if you glance at the sidebar and count the months you will find that it has been just over a year now since the launch of the current version of this site. I know it has gone through a lot of changes in the past year and I am excited about its future. I just wanted to leave a note marking the occasion and I am thinking of trying to pry some words out of all of those silent readers of the site that I have never heard from. I know sites only have a fraction of their audience participate in the happenings of the site which is fine by me for the most part but its always nice to see more even is its forced so im thinking up a contest, an interactive thing somehow if I can think of something good. Ill think of a cool prize too, something like an exclusive signed print of something and some gift certificate money or something. Who knows. Something festive but relevant. Well see how it goes. Im not promising anything but it sounds fun none the less...

(just out of curiosity, does anyone reading this remember what the homepage of twistedsun.net looked like when in the first year or so of having desktops available for download? I was just starting to have work featured on pixelgirlpresents and pulling in some decent traffic at the time...)