Growing Along

(IMG_0001.jpg was the first shot on the new 5d. After a quick check I found that I had shot well over 15000 photos on my 20d, heres to many more)

Well I have had my 5d for a while now and I could not be happier with it. All of the shortcomings of my 20d have suddenly been forgotten and replaced with beautiful clarity. The combination of the full frame sensor and my new 35mm 1.4L is wonderful. I was somewhat worried that the 5d would take some time to master and learn how to use but thankfully the way it functions is very similar to the 20d. All of the buttons are in familiar places and for the most part all of my custom functions that I am used to having around are still there which was a relief. It's interesting how something as simple as a new camera can cause such a ripple in my curiosity to learn more and more and more about photography and light. It is such a beautiful thing!

I find that when I hit my exposures spot on the focus with this camera is so crystal clear it gives me a whole new goal in my shooting which is to master the art of the exposure and get that rush of zooming in 100 percent and seeing that crisp beautiful color and detail. I have recently been reading the first in a three part series of books written by the late Ansel Adams and it has gotten me to brush up a good bit on various types of cameras and the abilities of each and the part that I am really enjoying is the fact that the book is obviously written purely on analogue photography. It has gotten me to become more and more fascinated by the nitty gritty. The little things. The things that make a great photo not only a work of art but a perfect balance of control over the exposure and control of the light in moment in time I am capturing. I have started to look at everything around me in layers and compositions. Ill tell you one nice perk of seeing things this way, the light of the world just looks so damn beautiful to me all of the time.

So anyways, it's been great getting a chance to work with some higher class gear. It has defiantly inspired me to push on and I am really excited about continuing to learn and grow as a photographer. Thanks for reading along through the process. should be fun...