The Future

The new site that I mentioned starting a while back is getting clsoer to becoming a reality. I think I may have settled on a new site name to go with and I am working out exactly what I will be moving around to make it work. So far I'm thinking that the desktop section of will be moved to this new site which may seem like a bold move and the only other option would be to move everything else and keep the desktops here but I'm ready for a change and hopefully moving them to their own dedicated site will work out in the end.

The idea in moving the section would be to allow myself to hopefully start more of a comunity with the project. The new page will most likely be using wordpress which will allow me to invite other people to make entries as well. In other words I wold like to invite a handfull of other photographers from around the world to participate in the site and add their own work to the site. This will, of course, be kind of tricky because it appears as though most photographers that I truly think would be fitting to be part of the project may be to attched to their own work or to afraid to let it go for this use at a big enough resolution to make them work as desktops. I understand this but also feel as though the resolution I am currently offering these images are not at all big enough to make decent prints from which would halt other uses of them. This and by compressing the desktops into .zip files you can stop people from easily adding the images as backgrounds to their web pages and eating up all of the bandwith around here which was a frustrating problem before I started doing it this way.

Sorry, im getting off topic. Imagine a site where multiple photographers submit desktops and descriptions and stories from around the world rather than just little ol' me. I feel as though it would offer a unique site that is more than a desktop sharing community, more than just a photoblog, more than just a collection of desktops from different artists. A place a little more personal where you will hopefully find little stories or thoughts to go along with the photos posted. Maybe I am too hopeful here but I may as well shoot for the stars right?

Other parts of twistedsun will stay in place, at least for now, like the podcast and this blog and probably the archive of desktops that are currently available when I switch over. So all of this out in the open, what to you guys think? Your input is always appreciated and helpful so lets hear it!

ps- I will reveal the name of the site when I know that its the right one which I am still considering so be patient.