I have been a fan of Flickr for a long time now, it is by far my favorite online photo sharing tool. It just works so well and seems to have a really great community of photographers and people involved within it. I have decided to start putting my account to use and I will be posting photos up on there from time to time. Currently I have uploaded most of my recent desktops and I will continue to add them there as I post them here as another way of sharing them with people. I have kept a personal photoblog over the past month or so using Apple's Aperture software and I have decided to start using Flickr for that use instead and hopefully make some new friends in the process.

That said I would like to invite any readers with Flickr accounts to become a contact of mine on flickr to help me ease into the community over there. Thanks and Ill see you there... heres a link to my profile/page: on