I love iTunes, it changed the way I listened to music. I have been using it since way back with version one with my first ipod. I wanted to take a minute and mention something about the latest couple of versions of the software which has introduced the ability to subscribe to podcasts.

(why cant these preferences be available to individual feeds?)

I know that podcasting came about before iTunes made for easy access to podcasts and easy subscribing and syncing to ipods. I love this new feature to death but I cant help but get aggravated with its shortcomings. Podcast's, as they grow in popularity, seem to becoming more and more notorious for their ability to eat up your hard drive space. There are a few podcast that I subscribe to that I would like to keep around for the long haul and preserve them as a collection but there are others that I don't really want to continue to eat up my hard disc space. I don't have enough as is. I find it aggravating that there you do not have the ability to create individual settings for each subscription you have, this way you could tell one podcast to only keep the last few of them on your drive or only ones that have not been watched or heard. I feel as though they only went half way with this feature and I hope to see them update this sometime in the future. I would also like to have the ability to backtrack on a subscription and re-download episodes that I may have deleted accidentally.

So anyways, just thought I would get my thoughts out there. If any of you mack users out there have any suggestions to get this working the way I would like it to, please, let me know!

Update: Well after browsing through TUAW a bit I find my answer staring me blankly in the face. Turns out there is a new addition to the newest version of iTunes that lets you stop certain podcasts from being automatically deleted. Well, this turned out to be an insightful post eh?