happy day!

hey there everyone! due to the giving nature of the holiday's ive decided to give something away today! the 3rd email that i get today with the subject line, "happy day!" will get a ten dollar gift certificate to the itunes music store! so hop onto the contact page to your left and send me a mail! you could also use john (at) twistedsun.net if you would prefer.

also if you were so inclined and have the ability to do so send me a photo that you have taken to post here later today. i will post any photo that i get in the mail today! im not sure why really, just seems like it would be nice to have some readers photos here.

so to recap, send me a mail! the third person to email gets ten dollars of tunes! (hopefully international certificates will work as well so dont hesitate if you are not in the u.s!

i will be waiting for emails until the morning and if for whatever reason i get no emails then i will re-work the contest and do something different.

good luck!


p.s- i hope to start having little contests for music more often so look out for that!

UPDATE: ah well, not a single email Sad i guess people aren't here for music then! thats ok though. ill come up with something else sometime soon. have a nice day after and ill talk to you next update!