new site addition!

i have added a new page to and it can be found in the music section. the favorites section is a place that i will be posting my favorite albums, songs, and possibly a few mixes. whenever i add a new post to this page (which is, like many of the other main areas within the site a weblog) i will also include a quick review of whatever it is that i am linking to.

i hope that this will be a nice reference for anyone looking for some new music to check out. it should compliment the review page well seeing as there is a lot of music out there that i enjoy which i may not have time to write a full review for.

speaking of the review section, look out for a new review as well as a new approach to the reviews section in general. i have tried to make the reviews that i write as personal as possible so you can get an opinion that isnt as sterile as your average review and with the upcoming addition to this section i hope to take my current approach to the next level.

more soon...