Failure - "Fantastic Planet"


I recently re-discovered this gem of an album. This has got to be one of my favorite alt-rock albums to come out of the 90's. Not unlike Nirvana, Local H, The Gin Blossoms, and other 90's rock artists that were big in the heyday of grunge rock Failure was one of the best bands to be born of that era and Fantastic Planet was their best album in my opinion. They were not to big over in the US which was most likely due to the fact that they were a British group (I think). This album is such a solid collection of songs I would say that this is a must for anyone into the 90's rock scene and for any fan of good music in general. It's a classic in my mind and I highly recommend you check this one out!

Note on the link: Unfortunately this album is not available on iTunes but two other albums of theirs is available and you should check them out to get the general idea of what they sound like. The other albums of theirs are great too but I would keep an eye out for Fantastic Planet at your local cd shop. It's not one you will want to miss!

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