BapLab Photos

Well, after a looooooonnnnng weekend of hard work the BapLab is over and it was a huge success. Roughly 3000 people came out for the event which lasted from 4PM till 6AM. It was a crazy event through and through and well worth coming up. Hopefully I will be back again for the next one... I just wanted to hop on here and post few photos from the weekend for those of you who might be interested.

This projector screen was made from layers of cut fabric which gave it a 3d effect that was really cool.

A couple of performers brought out some live instrumentation. (btw, that cardinal mic there makes a great horn mic)

The raven makes for a great horn mic as well...

Calmer put on an amazing set with live drums and guitar.

MachineDrum played a brilliant set that really started the whole party off right.

The aftermath of the night can be summed up in this photo. The ceiling, as seen below, was rusty and with every huge 120db+ bass hit it rained down dust. This was annoying for djs because of skipping records but it kept the energy level in the crowd even higher knowing that the sound was so intense that the roof was literally being blown off.


more ceiling dust on the amps..

There was a ton of modern art down on the first floor of the space, one piece was this sharpie marker suspended on stings which were controlled by a motor and drew on the wall...