The near death of a beloved friend

Today I was out working at a show and I had my camera sitting around on stage, I had my jacket laying over top the camera to hide it. I forgot that it was under there and as I pulled my jacket down off the stage my camera came rolling along behind it and took a sudden leap to the floor about 5 feet below. The sound as it hit the concrete was nothing short of hair raising. The camera seemed a little freaked out and it crapped its pants as it hit the ground, well almost. The battery came spilling out and the little spring that holds it in does not hold it in there as well anymore but lucky for me that is the extent of the damage. It could have fallen onto the lens and crushed it as I have experienced in the past with camera drops but it fell onto the corner of the camera body.

If anything, this is pretty reassuring to me as a camera owner knowing that it can survive such a fall. I am generally pretty rough with the things I own and I expect them to hold up under pressure. Ah, and for those of you wondering what kind of camera I use it is currently a Canon 20D which is simply an amazing little gem of a camera. I love Canon cameras, especially their digital offerings, in my opinion they have the best digital cameras around so anyone in the market for a new digital camera. I would suggest Canon.