i was thinking about the fact that i can not ever remember reading much of anything about the white earbud headphones that come with every ipod. you can find review after review about the player itself but no one ever mentions the headphones that come with it. ok, maybe i have read about how people are annoyed that there new black nano comes with white earbuds or maybe little reviews on replacement headphones to replace the commonly underrated earbuds that come with the ipod in the first place. so i thought i might take a minute to talk about the ipods default headphones.


as i mentioned, it seems as though reviewers ignore the existence of them and i could guess that could be linked to a couple of things such as the fact that apple has only made ever so tiny adjustments to the headphones over the years. after there first mistake of making them to big to fit into most ears the earbuds themselves seem to have stayed pretty much the same. the most significant change in them would have to be the addition of the little piece of plastic that you can use to hold the two loose ends of the earbuds together which results in less of a tangled mess after being in your pocket. this and the point of connection where the 1/8" jack is there has been a couple of minor changes in the style of plastic end.

over all i really like the sound and feel of the simple white earbuds. it kind of weird me out to have earbuds that stick down into my ear, which i will talk about in a moment, so i like the way they sit in my ear. they are pretty well responsive sounding headphones all in all. people seem to mistake lots of bass with good rich sound but i find that that is simply not true. the apple earbuds seem to cary plenty on the low end for being what they are. i think that overall you cant go wrong with the sound of them. it is crisp and well rounded and i believe under rated in most cases. if you want a pair of headphones with a nice kick in the low end then i would suggest you check out the offerings over at bose. mainly their tri-port headphones. (they are built terribly and break all to easily but damn do they sound good.) please step up and prove me otherwise if you think im wrong.

now i should get to my big problem with these things. yes, although it may seem like i have nothing but good to say i do have some issues with these things and the main issue being that none of them ever seem to last me all to long. i find that the thin metal screen over the speaker is the cause of all of my issues. whenever i have them in my pocket they get all crammed against each other and other things in my pocket and this causes the thin metal shield to get dented and this causes it to press against the speaker and cause a nasty static sound when i try and get any volume out of the things. i have returned at least three pairs of these and finally gave up and started using my duck taped tri-ports for everything.


when i picked up m nano i realized that i now had a fresh pair of the little white earbuds and i immediately wondered if there was any good way to save them from getting mangled like my other pairs of them and i found a few various compromises. one would be to buy a little earbud carrier for them. there are a couple on the market specifically for the ipod earbuds but i just wasnt that satisfied with any of the ones that i had found. i did come across one cool product in my searches which i did buy and absolutely love and that is a handy little cable wrap for headphones. here is a link for that amazing little accessory.

the product i ended up choosing was a bit of a shot in the dark but they were cheep and the most simple solution for my problem. that would be griffins ear jams. as stated before i really dont like headphones that i have to cram deep into my ear and i will admit that the ear jams are not an exception. they really arent all that comfy and they look pretty goofy sticking out of your ear because they do add a bit of extra bulk to the earbuds. they are supposed to boost the bass but all they really do is make the sound muddier. all that aside i bought them for one reason and one reason only and that was to cover the face of my earbuds so they would not get mangled as they have in the past and for that they do a great job! i am going to see if i can get used to cramming them into my ear but i think i will end up simply using them as a cover for my earbuds and snapping them off when i use them. seems like a pretty simple solution and i look forward to spending a bit more time with them.



i believe thats all for my take on the apple earbuds situation. hopefully what ive said here will save others a bit of a headache in the future. till next time then...