By far the cutest photo of this dog I have ever taken, check the desktops section for accompanying desktop!


update: i just had to post this one too, it makes me laugh out loud whenever i look at it...
oscars tounge

New desktop + psd file


My newest desktop comes with a bonus option, a photoshop file of the desktop so you can download it and remix/re-design the desktop should you feel so compelled. Check out the desktops page for more. Also check out the friends desktops page for a cute one from a talented six year old named Skyler.


The ship has landed



Not sure if this video will be around to long seeing as it was posted without permission and all so enjoy it while it lasts. Probably most relevant for those who follow US television...


New series coming


Over the next week or so I will be doing my best to post an image every day from a series of desktops that I have lined up which were all shot at a farm in Virginia. No cows, pigs or chickens, just things that caught my eye while I was visiting friends at there home. There is a bit more detail about why I was up there over in the desktops section with the first photo in the series seen above.


Things are starting to fall together now

...and it was this amazing piece of glass that has shown me the light.



rebel xti.JPG

If you are at all into photography then you may or may not have heard about canons new 400d/ digital rebel xti. It is their new entry level SLR and it's looking like one of the best options on the digital SLR market especially at it's fairly low price tag. Those of you who have been reading the site for a while probably know that I am a Canon addict. In my opinion they make the best digital cameras out there. Their speedy Digic II processors and amazing CMOS sensors are top notch. Now with this camera they have introduced what I am sure will end up being a standard in this series which is their new dust removal system. The system includes a filter in front of the main sensor which has ultra-sonic vibration to remove dust as well as an anti-static coating on the sensors surface and some tricky software based dust mapping / removal. All in all a really solid release from Canon and I would highly recommend anyone looking to get a little more serious about their photography to pick up one of these little wonders and a copy of Apples Aperture software.

You can read about more specifics on
this dpreview.com page on the camera.



This photo has been posted over in the friends desktops section.


Straight from the comments:

It's official-- it's been 2.5 years of Ferris Buellering, today marking 30 months of FBD celebratory shenanigans, i.e. generally living life to its fullest potential as much as humanly possible, because as Ferris says, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it” - Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Some other little bits of wisdom to carry us through the day:

1) Step out of your comfort zone! Do something stimulating and new and exciting!

"You're not dying, you just can't think of anything good to do."
- Ferris

2) Find some peace and quiet, go take a stroll in nature, look around and be silent...
(or try some hang gliding perhaps?)

"Anything is peaceful from one thousand, three hundred and fifty-three feet."
- Ferris

3) Believe in yourself! Cheesy but ultimately the bottom line -- you can do whatever you want in this world. Now in honor of Ferris Bueller day, let's get out there and get to it.

A person should not believe in an "-ism," he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon, "I don't believe in Beatles, I just believe in me." ~Ferris Bueller

Have a great day and for pete's sake, have some fun!


This is just plain creepy


I can't believe this is real!

read the news article for more here.

Puddles in the sky


Kid 606 - Meet Me at the Bottom


Whenever I am in a hurry to get somewhere and I need a pick me up of some kind I look no further than a good song to get my blood moving. It seems like I always have one on my ipod that I know I can go to to get this going and currently that song is a track off of Kid 606's latest EP, Pretty Girls Make Raves called Meet Me at the Bottom. Although, like the rest of the ep, it is a pretty simple dance track it really gets me going for whatever reason. It's one of the smoothest dance tracks I have heard in a long time. On a side note, the EP as a whole seems like Kid 606 just wanted to put something out for the sake of releasing something. It's not nearly as polished and well produced as most of his music is and only has a couple tracks that I really enjoyed. Maybe thats the idea but as a whole I was somewhat disappointed with the release, especially after the album he released last year, resilience. Even still, I can't wait to see what he pulls next, I have to give him respect for his ability to put out such a wide variety of tracks under one name where most other electronic musicians seem afraid to do that and release different types of music under all sorts of different pseudonyms.

So at any rate, if you need a bit of a pick me up on that long monday morning trek to work be sure to grab a copy of the Kid 606 track Meet Me at the Bottom.

iTunes link:
Kid 606 - Pretty Girls Make Raves - Meet Me At the Bottom


Kill Whitney Dead


Last night at work, 7 hardcore bands. This was the hadliner. Almost a desktop but not quite.



I got my hands on a copy of Apples Aperture software recently and so far I have been really impressed. I am stunned with the feature set within the app which seems to have thought of nearly everything. I am running it on a Macbook with a gig of ram and although it is not officially supported on this computer it runs flawlessly. The real test will come in a couple of weeks when I head out to shoot a wedding and it will fill up with hundreds of raw files which should give me a good idea of what to expect in the future.

One of my favorite features it its seamless interface and layout which is very well thought out and makes browsing, organizing, and editing photos a breeze. I am still studying all the shortcuts which will make all of my common actions even quicker and easier. A really handy feature within the organization side of things is the ability to 'stack' similar images and better yet automatically stack images shot in close succession based on the time between exposures. I love this feature, it keeps my photo library very tidy. Also the non destructive nature of the editing you can do including the very detailed clone tool for blemishes which makes photoshops stamp tool look elementary.

I could go on and on about all of the things I like about the software but it will probably be easier for both you and me to simply link to apples product page which has videos and the like on how it works. I would highly recommend this app to anyone looking for a full featured app to organize and edit your photos and thanks to the fact that they brought the price down to just $300 its hard to pass it up.


News this week

For those of you who may not know, there are a few new desktops up in the desktop area along with one new one in the friends section. I have also posted a new podcast which had some trouble when it was first posted and caused the previous episode to show up twice in itunes and the new one not show up in all. Sorry about that, wont happen again. The feed is all fixed up and working again so check it out.

Speaking of podcasts and itunes and venturing way off the topic of t he post, anyone else think that iTunes podcast catching abilities are lacking? It works great most of the time but then what if you delete an episode of something accidentally or the feed gets messed up somehow? There is no good way to fix this other than to delete all of the episodes and re-download them. Seems like there should be a better feature set involving them seeing as they are so cocky about the whole idea being born from one of their own products. Anyways, look out for more soon.

Pokemon Day


Sorry I haven't posted in a day or two, no time to! I have dekstops and more coming soon but in the mean time check out this great sketch from my favorite online sketch comedy groups Olde English. They went to film a sketch in a park but found a Pokemon festival going on so they made the best of it.

I've added an embeded youtube version below to make it easy on you.

Heres a link directly to the sketch.


Coming Soon

To a desktop near you... I just went on a brief camping trip to get out of town for the night and got a few nice shots while I was out. I don't have time at the moment to get everything all formatted and desktopized but I just thought I would share a little sneak peak here of one that will be appearing soon. I know it is similar to the city of light series but I like it anyways and besides, this may or may not be its final form. Guess you will just have to wait till tomorrow or whenever it gets posted, to find out.


New Podcast

I have finally had a chance to add a new soundscape to the podcast and I really enjoyed this one. Head over to the podcast page for more...


Time Fountain


This amazing project involves water with a florescent powder, black light and led's used as strobe lights to make for a truly amazing and almost unbelievable fountain that causes droplets of water to appear to be frozen and manipulated in time. Absolutely worth your time to check out.

(Via Make Blog) Direct Link



I know that I am just one of thousands of voices writing this on their blogs right this very moment but I thought I would jump in here and express my excitement over the upcoming Mac OS. After browsing through some of its new capabilities I find myself thinking the same thoughts I always seem to think when Apple releases new features into their OS, 'now these are features that are so well thought out and almost obvious in a way that once I start using them I will immediately start wondering how I ever got by without them.' You have got to hand it to them for molding such a great set of tools and making it all so seamless for its users.

I think that things that stick out in my mind with this release are the new Mail features which look really handy, the new iChat features which looks like a lot of fun not to mention a new version of front row and photobooth, and then there is the group calendars in iCal which I think will be really nice to have around, and you know... there isn't really anything new that doesn't look like it will be a great addition to my workflow. So that said, lets just say that I cant wait till spring!

So that said, I can't wait to get my hands on Leopard this coming spring.


P.S - I wonder how Longhorn is doing these days... poor Microsoft... Other than their current monopoly on most of the computers in the world they seem pretty washed up. Vista is looking as tired and bloated as ever...

P.S.S - If you follow that link to the Leopard preview page and you are using a mouse with scrolling capabilities or a newer mac laptop with two finger scrolling, put the cursor over the opening animation on the page and scroll up and down. It makes quicktime scrub through the video which is kind of fun in an "I'm a nerd" kind of a way.



Here we have one of my favorite places on this big ball of rock. I am longing for it and miss it more than you know. Canyonlands, Utah. Seen here is my favorite camping area there. Another park that I am in love with in Utah is called Zion National Park. It is equally amazing. There is a trail called angels landing that is simply amazing at the peak and then there are the narrows and the backcountry area is wonderful. This satellite image does not do it justice, maybe sometime in the coming months I will be able to get out there for a couple weeks. Thats the plan anyways...

For those of you with Google Earth, use this file here to wander the area via satellite. doc.kml

David Lanham's Amora


Along with the launch of the newest version of the IconFactory Website as I mentioned earlier in the week one of their resident designers David Lanham released a new series of icons and an accompanying theme that, from what I know, are over a year in the making. Seeing how much work must have gone into this got me thinking about the fact that he gives out this work at no cost to anyone interested, similar to the way most of the icon and desktop designers of the world do. Part of me wonders if the average web surfer on the look out for a new desktop or a new icon set understands the amount of work that goes into the artwork they are downloading. Bringing this back to the topic at hand, I find it amazing that David worked so long on this set only to unleash it out into the world for free. It's an amazing body of work if you consider that each icon is in essence it's own little work of art. It's one thing for me to post my photography for everyone here but I have to hand it to David for his love of his art and his willingness to share it with the world in the way he does. Especially after spending who knows how many countles hours on the work so my hats of to you David.

For those of you not familiar with his work then take some time to browse through his site and check out some of his illustrations.


My cat, Grey, via Apple Photobooth

Photo 33

Amazing stop animation gifs using light




The new kaos pad is out and it looks amazing, where can I place an order??