At long last


Seems like I post a lot of these site news posts as of late, I really am simply settling into this new software and working on the back end of the site before I start posting regularly again. Today I come bearing new desktops! I know that is what most people come here to grab and I have not had to many new ones as of late so I figured I would alleviate that pressure in the back of your mind by releasing some new photos for you all.

Some of you may have noticed the LED desktop that I posted and didn't say much of anything about. I just didn't think it needed a description. Simple as that. So anyways, today I have a few desktops for you music lovers so head over and check them out.

Note: I have also decided to add a new cropping ratio for certain desktops, maybe all of them from here on depending on the response of the decision. You will see that they now have a resolution of 1920x1200. I decided that with all of the widescreen displays out there today that I could get away with releasing desktops with this ratio. In the end I prefer this to the boxy feeling 1600x1200.