OK so one more video..

My brother pointed this one out to me... how odd.


I suck at tetris


Rune Goldberg


I couldn't get the embedded video to work so here is a link to a great video that entertained me for 12 solid minutes of my life. Time well spent id say, check it out!



Oatmeal, coffee, and table salt.


Well the job at the club has been a challenge. It took a lot of work to get it running as smoothy as it is and I hope to see the final instal system to get in there soon. Sorry for not posting as much recently, a lot of the free time I had is being taken up with all sorts of things happening around me and having my hand in all sorts of different projects has caused my life to bottleneck to some extent. There is a new desktop up, a really simple one that I hope some of you will enjoy, I like the warmth in the colors, it feels cozy being on my desktop.

In other news, I look forward to getting some new posts up soon and getting some new photos together for desktops. I have a nice podcast waiting to make an appearance soon which will be nice I think so all in all this is another one of those, thanks for being patient with me, I will have some new stuff up soon kind of posts. If anyone would like to contribute to the site please let me know, you know, photos, interesting things around the web, ambient landscape recordings, music reviews, id be up for trying out some guest writers if anyone would be interested.

till next time then!


Flying Anvils

So I got a new job as one of the sound engineers at a new live music venue called The Flying Anvil. It fits about 600 people and will be a place for all sorts of different musicians to play all sorts of genres of music and I am really excited to be part of it. At the moment there is a temporary sound system in there until the final install takes place which cant come soon enough IMO. Anyways, should be fun and get me some new recordings for the podcast from time to time and whatnot. Here are some photos from last night which was the first time it was open to the public as a bar.







Ryan Adams - "Heartbreaker"


I feel as though this is one of those albums that can stand up to the test of time and it will be just as amazing of a record 20 years from now as it is today. For the most part I like to think of this favorites category as a place to house albums with this quality. Heartbreaker really strikes an amazing balance between rock and country and holds tracks that will get you up and moving but the album also hides within it some of the best song writing I have every heard. Its just a beautiful record. So what kind of music is it anyway? It is hard to pinpoint, it holds a nice folk kind of a feel in many of the songs but with a rock music edge to it if that helps at all. I guess the americana term could be used. OK, so now I feel like I am just rambling on here. I just wanted to point this album out for people that have not heard it before. It's just so damn good that you could at least check it out. Hows that for a professional sounding opinion?

iTunes link:
Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker

This is also available on emusic which means you could get it for nothing should you decide to plunge and get their trial offer of 50 mp3s... Heres an emusic link



I found a link to a video on Boing Boing and thought it was really strange and amazing and is based around the color pink. I found that this is part of a series of 7 short videos based on color that Adidas comissioned different directors and musicians to create. They are all somewhat odd and not everyone may enjoy them but I thought they were interesting. Im not really sure why Adidas wanted these videos made but it is a great series worth checking out and its as easy as subscribing to a podcast!

link to the podcast in iTunes

link to the main site for the videos


In the mean time...

I will have a couple new desktops up soon but in the mean time check out the great new desktops in the friends section!





mmm.. food




messy pack

the next podcast


Boards of Canada Video


This is the first official video for a Boards of Canada song and I thought it was a really nice video so I thought I would share the link which is below.



Goodbye yet again

I just can't stay in one place for very long I guess. I am off on a short camping trip this weekend to my favorite spot in the NC Mountains. See you monday with some photos/desktops!


New New New

Desktops in the friends section! More to come...


Long time no post eh?

Its another, what have I been up to for the past few days, kind of posts. Well, as you may have noticed in the previous post this past weekend I performed at an electronic music festival over in Chapel Hill, NC. It was easily one of the best crowds we have ever played for and it was a lot of fun. I can't wit until next years show! So anyways, I will probably post a song from the show in the next podcast and to ease your curiosity a bit I have posted some photos from the festival below. Enjoy!


(thats me on the left there above)

(a secret life)


(donna summer aka. jason forest)


Chapel Hill


Fiday and Saturday night I will be over in Chapel Hill, NC for the Signal Festival, a two day electronic music festival. There are a lot of great artists performing at 4 or 5 different clubs all around Chapel Hill and it should be a lot of fun. I will be performing with a friend of mine as A Drop In Silence at the Nightlight Saturday at 9:30pm if any readers are in the area and want to come check it out. For more information on the festival check out their website at www.signalfest.com.

Needless to say, there might not be an update here for a couple of days but I will be back soon with some newdesktops that I have for the friends section of the site. I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will see you all again soon!


Jim Gaffigan - "Beyond the Pale"


OK so this is not technically music but its close enough id say. It's a comedy record that is a recording of one of comedian Jim Gaffigan's stand up routines. I just wanted to toss this in here because I enjoyed it so much. Anyone that is a fan of stand up comedy or anything funny for that matter should defiantly check this out. There is a lot of talk about food here which is such a simple subject to talk about but he somehow makes the topic so incredibly funny which I suppose is what comedians do now isn't it? One of my favorite bits on here is one where he goes on and on about cake, it just must be heard and trust me, anyone in their right mind would find at least some of this funny so head over and check it out!

iTunes Link:
Jim Gaffigan - Beyond the Pale


Midwest Product - "Swamp EP"


This is the second internet only release in a series from Ghostly International and it shows to me that these releases are going to end up being a series that you don't want to miss. If you think about it distributing albums like this online only is brilliant because there is no overhead with manufacturing costs. I would not be surprised if we started to see more and more of these types of releases in the near future.

I think I have mentioned before how much I love the idea of an EP and how focused they are as a release. There is no filler, no messing around just a few really good songs and the Swamp EP is no exception. Midwest Product releases music that is technically electronic but sounds more as though a band has performed it. Its like Electro-Rock or something. It took me a while to really get into their music but at this point I find myself really enjoying their vibe. I would suggest anyone that is a fan of good instrumental post rock, or fans of electronic music that is not to abrasive to listen to. The Swamp EP will now wear you out listening to it which is a good thing so do yourself a favor and pick this album up now.

It is available both on iTunes and emusic (which you can find a link to in the sidebar to the left)

iTunes Link:

Midwest Product - Swamp - EP


The Podcast is...


all settled in over on itunes so head over and write a nice review for me. Oh, and there is a new episode out now too! You can link directly to the itunes page by using the link below.



Great Billboard

Another wonderful billboard featured on my favorite marketing/ ad sites, Marketing Alternatif. You must check out the blog, the geature some really great ads!



Thoughts on...


Something I think is really strange about podcasting is that it is such a personal thing sometimes for the people that make shows and because of this you end up feeling like you know a person that hosts a show sometimes. It may sound strange but I don't think its to hard to understand. You spend all of these secret little moments in between other parts of your own life and you sneak into this alternate existence that is someone else's podcast, someone else's world. You get used to seeing a new recording come up and having this person ramble on about this or that or you get used to having a chance to be somewhere different from where you are when you listen to someone talk about whatever is around them.

You get to know the host in this strange sort of a way on a personal level because its just you listening to them talk. It's almost like having a conversation if you let yourself look at it this way. From time to time you may remember that this is being shared with potentially hundreds of other people and you feel a little strange thinking that there are all of these other people that are listening in to this conversation but you fall right back into that personal connection you get from listening.

So now put yourself in the podcasters shoes. You take your time, money, and effort to put these recordings together and post them for the whole world to listen to and see. You expose yourself so much by letting the world in on your life and surroundings and through something as simple as a podcast you stand there on top of the world where everyone can see and you speak of your personal opinions and experiences and sometimes your dreams or your struggles and for what? Because of the challenge? Because you are lonely and want an audience to get some things off your chest? Because you want to overcome a fear? Or maybe because you feel as though you have built a family around your ramblings. A family meaning the audience. Maybe you have discovered a way to communicate how you see the world around you to anyone who cares to listen and that gives you some sort of peace of mind. But then again, there may not be anything there at all. The existence of the show may just be there simply to exist. Who knows, only the host.

I know this all sounds a bit over the top and all that but it's true. Podcasting has opened up so many lives and minds in the world and in some sort of subtle way caused people to make friends they may never meet.

Today after reading the news that Rich from Herro Flom Japan had stopped podcasting I felt like I had lost one of my friends but it was strange because in a way he is not my friend at all but merely a voice somewhere in the world speaking into empty space that I just happened upon. So then tell me, why do I feel so strangely attached to it? This is what fascinates me about podcasting and I just wanted to share it with everyone and to use this space to stand up and read my eulogy to a podcast, one of thousands of voices but one that for whatever reason, I connected with and one that I will miss as a voice speaking into the black as well as a voice that I will miss a friend. From what I have learned of Japan and its culture I can see that some of it's tendencies have rubbed off onto Rich over the long amount of time he has lived there. It would seem that as a whole Japanese citizens are very family and self motivated and the business of others is more of an afterthought. They seem to function as a whole by having so much respect for each other. It's amazing really and I can totally understand his viewpoint on podcasting and the reason for his quitting somewhat out of the blue. Ah well. Could be just a big elaborate april fools joke right? Right.

P.S - All of this doesn't come across as creepy or anything does it? It wasn't intended to be, just observations on a cultural phenomenon.