donate a little something for

i have been talking about this for ages and i finally got around to putting it up. as you may have noticed, i have added a donate button in the sidebar of the site. i spend a lot of time and effort to keep this site up and running with new content and although it is free to you it is not free to me.

i love my readers and all of the help they give to spread the word of and i am sure you guys to throw me a few scraps from time to time to help out with server costs and future development of the site. what you see here now is just the beginning!

as a way to show my appreciation for your support of the sites development i would like to offer a gift to those who make a donation to the site. this gift will be dipping into a little something from the past. i have been releasing select images from my photographic work for years now free of charge so everyone can see what i see in there every day life and i love doing it!

as many of you know this site has gone through a few various versions and i have included version 4's desktop collection in this version of the site. i do however have a collection of desktops from version 3 that are no longer available, well all but a few old ones over at this old collection has nearly 100 desktop images from the past and i will give you access to this collection in its entirety just for donating to and showing your support for the future of the site!

a little something from the past for helping me build for the future!

i have left the amount you wish to donate up to you so let me know what you think im worth.

in the future you can expect to finally see prints of some of my work for sale as well so look out for that!

so anyways, thanks again to everyone who has been there and helped through the years. heres to many more!