Where have you been John!

Well, thanks for asking! Spring hit my life like running head on into a brick wall and my calendar has filled up faster than an Apple store during a "buy one get one free" sale. No need to worry though, I will have some great new desktops up in the friends section in the coming days as well as at least one music review and I have enough bootlegs collected to get another podcast episode out early next week.

In the mean time have a peak into a show I mixed recently featuring bands 'The Drift' and 'Man Man'. It was a really great show and I had a chance to try out my favorite new mic the ev/blue Raven as a vocal mic and ill tell you they make amazing live vocal mics! Really rich sounding vocals and I barley had to touch the eq at all as far as feedback is concerned. I will have a hard time deciding between using them for guitar amps or vocal mics at future shows! I also had the chance to see what EV's new ZX1 speakers can do which are these cute little 8" speakers. I paired them with a powered 15" sub and man did they sound great! They really put out a lot of volume for such a small speaker, I was amazed that they could compete with the band because they had a really loud stage presence. I remember before the show cranking them up and one of the band members couldn't believe that they got so incredibly loud and still sounded as good as they did. I remember him saying something along the lines of " Damn! where are you hiding the rest of the speakers! Those things are Loud as ____" Ha, Oh how I love the things I get myself into. I just love the feeling I get when I hear a great sounding mix from a simple rig at a live show. So anyways, on with some photos form the show.






Oh and here is one extra image from a night ago when I set up a make shift photo studio to shoot a publicity shot for this mexican group called kstigo that I have done a few odds and ends of design work for in the past. It was pretty fun to shoot them, they all dressed up in matching clothes for the shot and got in some great poses for me to shoot. Really nice guys! The lighting was some really bright stage lighting that was shining onto some partitions that had some reflective tarps draped over them. Thanks must be given to my dad for that idea, it worked out really well.


See you again soon with some new content.