I know that I am just one of thousands of voices writing this on their blogs right this very moment but I thought I would jump in here and express my excitement over the upcoming Mac OS. After browsing through some of its new capabilities I find myself thinking the same thoughts I always seem to think when Apple releases new features into their OS, 'now these are features that are so well thought out and almost obvious in a way that once I start using them I will immediately start wondering how I ever got by without them.' You have got to hand it to them for molding such a great set of tools and making it all so seamless for its users.

I think that things that stick out in my mind with this release are the new Mail features which look really handy, the new iChat features which looks like a lot of fun not to mention a new version of front row and photobooth, and then there is the group calendars in iCal which I think will be really nice to have around, and you know... there isn't really anything new that doesn't look like it will be a great addition to my workflow. So that said, lets just say that I cant wait till spring!

So that said, I can't wait to get my hands on Leopard this coming spring.


P.S - I wonder how Longhorn is doing these days... poor Microsoft... Other than their current monopoly on most of the computers in the world they seem pretty washed up. Vista is looking as tired and bloated as ever...

P.S.S - If you follow that link to the Leopard preview page and you are using a mouse with scrolling capabilities or a newer mac laptop with two finger scrolling, put the cursor over the opening animation on the page and scroll up and down. It makes quicktime scrub through the video which is kind of fun in an "I'm a nerd" kind of a way.