So I'm going to Europe

At least I hope to be going. In October/November. SOON! Im not sure how it happened but the time of the year that I promised myself I would travel in is quickly approaching and I am starting to get a bit more serious about plans for the trip. I have been trying to get used to the idea that I will be throwing myself in an area I don't know much of anything about. It's both exciting and greatly intimidating. I am working on making it work financially and logistically and so I am writing here for a call on advice/ suggestions.

I know there are plenty of readers around europe or have traveled there in the past and it would be greatly appreciated if you could take a moment and suggest some places to visit, and maybe just some general advice about traveling there.

At the moment I am thinking of starting off in Spain or somewhere in southern France, heading up through France, and ending up over in England. At least thats the vague overall idea. It will be just me and my backpack for the most part and I hope to do a good amount of camping to save on money spent on Inn's. In fact, thats the number one concern is working out what I can expect as far as where to sleep and how much its going to cost to do so. I hope to have the overall layout of places to travel to before I leave so I can work out train tickets and transportation while I am there.

Hopefully I will be able to pull something off and enjoy myself, meet some new people, take a few zillion photos and have a great time exploring the area.

Feel free to mail me at john(at) or leave a comment here on this post with suggestions, advice, or lend a floor to sleep on or just tell me I am crazy for trying to toss together a trip like this in under a month on a shoestring budget. Thanks!

P.S- new desktops soon!