i have been meaning to post about this for a while now because i am very exited about it. i get quite a few people asking about how i update the site, what kind of software im using, this and that. well i designed a template for this amazing program called rapidweaver that uses ccs to make it easy as easy can be to update a website. there are a whole bunch of default themes available but as you can see you can make your own with some basic knowledge of cascading style sheets an an idea. this software turned my website into what it is today and allowed me to stop spending so much time making new pages and linking everything together. it makes it so very easy for me to update which lets me focus on the content of the site more so than the coding and all that.

so the reason that i am posting all of this is to mention that there is a new version that is coming out soon that looks amazing! i am very exited to get my hands on this great looking update to this already wonderful software. if there is anyone out there that is looking for some easy to use software that is secretly very powerful if you dig into it i would suggest you check this out! the new version comes out in early october.

here is a link to the product info page.