i realized that i havent really talked about movies here on my weblog so i thought i would mention a couple that im looking forward to....

• im not usually one for war movies, in fact ive only seen one that i really thought was any good which was full metal jacket. i am however looking forward to this one movie called jarhead. it just looks damn good. check out the trailer here to see what i mean.

• i just saw the movie proof last night and i would recommend anyone that its playing near go check it out. i saw the play that this movie was based on and loved it so i was very excited to see that there was a movie being made based on the play. the movie version was surprisingly accurate and all but perhaps 5 minutes of the film seemed to be right on the same as the play which is a good thing seeing that the play is so well written to begin with. i think it won some sort of big award in the world of theatre but i cant remember what its called. at any rate, go check this out, trust me its really good! check out the trailer here.

• and there is one more that ill mention here that i have been curious about for a while now called 2046. i think its a chinese film and the mood of it reminds me of bladerunner. well from the trailer anyways. check it out here.