Mark Kozelek - "What's Next To The Moon"


I picked this up after mixing sound for one of the shows on Marks most recent tour. It was an amazing show. For those of you who are not familiar with this name, he is the leading force behind the indie rock classic, The Red House Painters. He has also recently done work under the name Sun Kil Moon. This album features nothing but AC/DC covers which I think is really interesting. He recently did this under the Sun Kil Moon name with his latest album full of Modest Mouse covers and like that release What's Next to the Moon takes the original songs and breaks them down into their rawest of forms. It showed me that there is more to AC/DC than you may have thought. turns out they are pretty amazing song writers hiding behind their hard rock attitude. So I would not let the whole album of covers thing scare you off, this is definatily not one to miss. Its a brilliant collection of songs that I just can't seem to stop listening to so check it out!

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Mark Kozelek - What's Next To The Moon