Well I'm not quite sure if I'm reading my stats right but it would appear as though my 15 minute soundscape podcast has been pretty popular. Seeing that there is in fact this interest in the idea I am planning on recording another one in the coming days with a proper stereo mic setup as well as a new bootleg podcast sometime soon as well. When I started the podcast I was not really sure what I was going to do with it, I was just looking to play with some microphones and share some music but it has certainly found a direction with the live recordings and now the soundscape idea. I hope that I don't run into any insecure musicians that don't like that I am sharing these but I don't see that happening anytime soon so we are in good shape for now. Starting with the next podcast featuring these live recordings I plan on adding links to the artists pages so those of you interesting in knowing more are just one quick click away.

So at any rate, i just wanted to jump in here and thank everyone who has shown support of the podcast and the site in general. I have plenty of plans for its future and I can only hope to see it continue to grow over time So to the readers and listeners, Thank You!