OK kids, heres what we are going to do this time around. Dig through your records and find some old acid, you know, classic sounds of the genera and body moving beats. Now dig up a bit of modern day IDM, maybe a little dancehall and ambient to spice things up. Now head out into the yard and get a bucket of mud. Take these ingredients and head on into the kitchen. Get out your blender or food processor of choice, today I will be using the VitaMix Professional Series. Take the records and cram them in, don't worry to much about them, trust me here. Once you have the records in the blender go ahead and set it to high and turn it on. Let them get nice and silky smooth, and then turn the blender down to a medium speed. Now that the mixture is thoroughly blended take your mud and measure out 3 full cups. Slowly add the mud and grime and let this blend for a full 20 minutes.

The result should be the delicious mixture of an ep called Throttle Furniture. OK, so if you don't feel like destroying your old records to get the album I would suggest you head over to and check out the store bought variety of this delicacy.

Clark, aka. Chris Clark, has been releasing music on Warp records for a while now and I have been a fan since his first album on warp years ago. With this new EP you can see that he is evolving and he is taking his unique gritty sound to the dance floor but he still leaves in plenty of off kilter moments to try and throw the groove that he put you in. I believe this was a limited run of mini cds that was also released on bleep just to give people a taste of what's to come and I can tell you now, I can't wait.

If you are ready to hear one of the most original sounds in electronic music today then head over to bleep and get pick up Clark's newest EP. You can preview the album and link to it on bleep below. (check out track 3 or 4, my favorites at the moment.)