philly minus the steak

well im up in philadelphia on a little trip and things are going well. ive been all over the place today! ill post some photos sometime soon and get a new desktop up for everyone. its nice to be traveling! today as we were walking about in town i caught something out of the corner of my eye. there was a man in a blue shirt walking down the street eating some crackers or cookies or something of the sort and i noticed him approach another man that was apparently homeless and sleeping on a stoop in the shade. as mr. blue shirt walked away from the sleeping man i noticed that he had placed a little stack of what he was eating on the sleeping mans chest. he just kept on sleeping and mr. blue shirt kept on walking. this left me with a smile at the thought of the sleeping man waking to find a nice friendly snack right there in front of his eyes. so anyways, im off to relaz a bit. remember, some photos will be here soon! (i took some pretty cool ones!) till then, have a good one!