what ever happened to originality in video games?

so what is happening to the video game industry? it has gone from a peaceful, fun past time for people and morphed into this giant life sucking force in peoples lives. not only are the majority of games today just rehashing old ideas over and over and over, just with prettier graphics (kinda) but this new breed of gamers seem to de destroying the essence of the past time and are turning it into this blood thirsty monster of a presence in the world today. dont get me wrong, i do love a game where you just run around and blow stuff up from time to time but it just gets so old so very fast you know?

(katamari damacy, why on earth has no one thought of this before? its such a simple concept but its something no one has thought of and its surprisingly fun)

i find it amazing that i have read real reports of muggings and people even being held at gun point to get ahold of this new xbox! i just dont get it! i was in target the other day and overheard people talking about how ****ng sick it is and how the graphics are just amazing and so i had a look see and found that i was really underwhelmed by what i saw. ive seen better looking, more interesting games on the supposed worst of the current generation of consoles, the gamecube. what has gotten into gamers these days?

im sure there must be some gamers out there that have been around pre playstation that know what im talking about. i remember when games used to be rated on originality as well as graphics, gameplay, and ll the rest. what ever happened to that? i so rarely find a game that i can get excited about these days and its kind of sad really. there are only a handful of games that were released in the past couple of years that i can remember actually holding any sort of originality or innovation in the way you might typically think of the way you play a game. i for one am thrilled about nintendo and their plans for the future. i love that they have chosen to take a stand for the roots of gaming and release something that is not intended to be in the middle of the xbox/sony war. im pretty excited that they have chosen to try something different for once.

(ok so maybe ive never seen someone riding down the street on a bicycle while shooting an uzi of some sort but come on... this is stretching it just a bit dont ya think? when will the line be drawn between originality and a desperate attempt at taking old ideas and pushing them to the far reaches of anything interesting just to make it seem like there is new things you can do in a game? "dude, in gta 7 you can totally possess the pig poice and use there bodies to kill everybody, its sick yo")

funny thing about nintendo is that they appear to be actually making money on there hardware unlike sony and microsoft which are, from what i understand, are actually taking a loss with their hardware sales. it just makes it all the more obvious that sony and microsoft are in it for control more than anything. ho hum... now that i think about it nintendo is kind of becoming the apple of the gaming world. right, so anyway...

i just wish that games would get out of this 'we have to be bad ass or we wont sell any games' here in the u.s. because i for one am getting tired of every game box being black and the lack of any color in the industry as a whole. lets just hope that the people that are still innovating continue to do so or we just may loose gaming to the violent hungry, lonely, underbelly of the gaming world.