Soapbox #1

This was originally attached to my review of the jamie lidell album 'multiply' but i have decided that it ended up being to in the way of the actual review so i moved it here to my misc page. It makes me seem pretty opinionated after reading back over it. maybe a touch to rant like. ah well, what can you do? on with the rant...

When I decided to start writing music reviews on this website I knew that they would not end up being your typical music reviews and I'm sure that shows as you read them. Although I am familiar with all sorts of various genres of music I try not to pigeonhole the music I like into specific little sub-genres. It's way too one-sided to me. Music is more than a genre. It's more than a simple comparison to another artist with similar ideas. There is a reason music is such a vital element to so many people's lives, even more so than movies, gadgets, and video games. It's the emotion behind it. It's the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach that crawls out of your body via the hairs on the back of your neck. You know what I mean? Music is so much more than the label given to it. I know there are those of you out there that are thinking that there is more to it than that. It's not that simple, right? Well yes and no. Yes if your someone who let's yourself explore all of the new places music can take you. No if you are someone who tells me to stop playing all that terrible electronic music, there is no guitar player so is not real music. No if you are that someone who tells me to stop listening to all that sad bastard acoustic music, it's so boring and there is nothing to it. Who knows, maybe I'm making no sense at all here. You may say that genres are simply there to give the music an identity of its own but I think it's gotten way out of hand. It seems to me that these genres have started to own the music and created these little segregated groups of purists of any given genre. I come across so many people that seem to block out anything but their little trendy notch of a genre whether that be hip-hop, drum-n-bass, or country rock. It just seems silly to me that these things break the music community up into these little cliques. If you are one of those who are open to listen to all sorts of music then I'll have to take a second here to thank you. I know that we all have our favorites and that's not going to change but come on. Don't let it take over.... sorry, im loosing my grounding here. I'll quit while I'm making sense. Please feel free to leave a comment to give your opinion on the matter. I'm sure I will contradict myself at some point and when I do so let me know. I tend to go off a little to far into a thought and get lost a little bit.