Alloy Orchestra


I had the chance to run the sound for a really cool show this past sunday. It was the closing night of a film festival and they had a group called the Alloy Orchestra play a show. What makes the group unique is the type of performance they give. There was a huge movie screen set up in the auditorium they played in from the previous showings in the film festival and what the band did was play the soundtrack to an old silent film. From what I can tell on their website they have quite a few films that they can perform with. The film that was used the night I saw them was a pirate film and it was really amazing! The film is called The Black Pirate and is considered to be the first great pirate movie and after seeing it I can see why. It seemed to lay out the groundwork for other pirate films such as that disney film the pirates of the whatever. I would suggest you check them out if you ever see them playing a show in your area.