photos from philly

well i made it back to north carolina safe and sound after a nice weekend up north. im getting all settled back into life outside of vacation time and it's tough! ill be getting back to updating this here blog more often now that im back in business. so until then, here are a few photos from the trip!

this whole gas thing is getting pretty crazy over here in the usa, it feels like some people are switching into panic mode. this reminds me of whenever there is even a small possibility of a snow storm in the winter people rush out and buy milk and bread like crazy, two foods that wont last very long if your holed up in your house with no power. sometimes people just amaze me with there behavior.

it's a nicer city than i remember the last time i was there.

a little stop at buffalo exchange.

i had lots of fun exploring chinatown, i bought a bunch of fun drinks such as...

...this tasty bottle of ramune.

we ended up going to three different ikea's off of 95 while we were out and about this trip, they are pretty intimidating stores, ill tell you that much!

ahhhhh, and then there was this wonderful little trip down a river on a canoe.