kyoto podcast


i have a link to this great podcast on kyoto japan on the links page and it tells a bit about why i like the podcast so i wont get into that here. its an amazing listen and ive been subscribed to this one since episode three i believe. i decided one day that i might be able to help out and revamp the title graphic for the podcast as well as the title on the web page for the podcast. well, turns out is a really nice guy and he ended up really liking it and so i designed him a full set for both the english and japanese versions of the site as well as the album artwork main image for the podcast itself. i will also be making his graphic for a new podcast that he is starting that is about Cairns Australia. just thought i would point you in the direction of this great podcast and show off a little of my work. i want to post something here about something called a facecast that tim (the host) has come up with. more on that as soon as i get a chance to do a write up.

heres a link to the kyoto podcast page.

(check out the newest episode #13, he talkes about the new images and!)