more on the digital revolution

so i just read that the newest stop motion film by tim burton called the corpse bride (that comes out this weekend!) did not use film to film the movie. it used canon digital slr's to shoot each frame! its obviously the first widely released movie that used this technique in filming. they simply took the photos into final cut pro to edit the footage. its such a simple concept at heart and it would have been so much more elaborate and expensive to use film for this. it probably gave them a lot of flexibility and a really smooth and quick way to get the footage down and editable almost immediately. i wonder how many photos are in the movie? im sure this info will come out as the movie is released and people start to wonder such things but it seemed pretty cool to me that this is how the whole movie was shot. just another testament to the digital revolution.

also i should note that there is a really great comment on the post about digital photography that you should check out if you have any interest in the subject. it takes the whole idea of new technology rising up and causing a clash of new and old and applies it to other things and if you think about it you can see that this is how it has been since even the first cameras came into existence. anyways, check out the comments for more on that and leave your thoughts as well!