NAMM Day One

Well I spent the entire first day wandering around the show floor trying not to feel overwhelmed by it all but id just didnt seem to work out that way. It is simply amazing how many companies are represented here! I am thinking that tomorrow I will be having a bit more of a detailed look at a few things that I came across today. Today I got to check out the booths I wanted to visit the most and I hope to revisit some of them to get more time spent playing with the newest gear out there. Some early awards should be handed out would have to be the Harmon group for having the most smug little booth of the show, Roland had the most elaborate booth which seemed more like a small city, and well I think thats all for now. So many new toys but so little time. Lets take a peek into my day with a few photos shall we?

its funny, the more i travel looking to find interesting new places, the more i find that most of them are the same, only ever so slightly different.

transportation of the future! (or just a disneyland tram, believe what you want.)

the secret door that led to secret things that i cant tell you about because they made me sign a contract saying i wouldnt. (seriously though, i think they blackmailed me but im not sure.)

new roland portable recorder! the r-9. it seems a little too stripped down if you ask me what with its lack of any decent input options. when will someone get this right anyways? i hear marantz has a new one to that im looking to check out tomorrow. it was a pain getting by the hoard of sweetwater reps in their suits and snoody attitudes to see the thing.

check this out! a wood casing built for an imac at a guitar company showing off that they had custom options for their guitars.

ah blue mics are so odd yet i am so hooked on how cool they are. cant wit to get my hands on a snowball one of these days, they are pretty big! like the size of a softball!

and i couldnt get away without checking out the apple booth which was showing off logic and such and....

the new macbooks!! very nice.

if only i had the money for just one of these things all of my storage woes would be solved.

this is one of korgs newest offerings, seems like they are going after the m-audio trigger finger or the akai midi drum pad with this one, it seemed really nice and all but i still think that the trigger fingers pads are my favorite.

then there is this fun little synth that has some really wild industrial design. they had it set up with a kaos pad lying on a shelf that was beside the synth there.

more from the telex booth.

this place was chock full of rock stars!

the creepy creepy ceiling of the house of blues where i went for dinner and to be part of the exclusive telex after party thing.

complete with a few musicians.

including this all girl ac-dc band which just wasnt rocking hard enough in my opinion. 'A' for their effort though! they were working the audience like puppets.

Well kids its late and I need rest for day to so come back later to catch some more specifics on the show and things I come across. hopefully i will get a chance to play with more of the stuff around.