News this week

For those of you who may not know, there are a few new desktops up in the desktop area along with one new one in the friends section. I have also posted a new podcast which had some trouble when it was first posted and caused the previous episode to show up twice in itunes and the new one not show up in all. Sorry about that, wont happen again. The feed is all fixed up and working again so check it out.

Speaking of podcasts and itunes and venturing way off the topic of t he post, anyone else think that iTunes podcast catching abilities are lacking? It works great most of the time but then what if you delete an episode of something accidentally or the feed gets messed up somehow? There is no good way to fix this other than to delete all of the episodes and re-download them. Seems like there should be a better feature set involving them seeing as they are so cocky about the whole idea being born from one of their own products. Anyways, look out for more soon.