Sometimes shots like this present themselves very obviously and this was one of those moments. There is a really similar image that is also a desktop (above) called 'remains' and I think that one was taken before I moved in for this. While out hiking around a lake the sun suddenly began to sink down into the horizon and because this is near a lake that large clearing on the other side of these trees let in all of this amazing light that you normally would not see in a forest. So I started looking for interesting shots before the sun sank to far into the ground and this was one of the first to appear to me. I love these low angles on shots so I got down on the ground and started to line it up. The dead plant there among the leaves appeared almost out of nowhere as I got closer to the ground to shoot and provided a nice point to focus on to add something to what would have been nothing more than a shot of autumn leaves. So at any rate, here is one of a couple shots I took of this, enjoy!


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