City Of Light

As I was going through photos from my recent trip up to New York I was looking for some decent photos for some new desktops and I came across a couple that I liked but just were not quite up to my standards as of late so I started messing around in photoshop. One thing led to another and I ended up with an idea to join two landscape photos together, one from the city and one from rural Virginia. The result ended up being the collages you see below which was a good bit different than I thought they would be when I started out working on them.

The reason there are so many versions is because I could not decide on any one style or color to post just one so I decided to just post them all. Even one that is considerably different from the others which combined a third photo into the mix. I have dubbed the series 'City of Light' which is the name of a Fennesz song that was playing around the time that I made them.

Note about downloading these: Because there are so many of them I simply made each photo below a link to download the image you click on. I thought this would be the easiest way for it to be done. Alternatively you can also follow this link to download a compressed file containing all of the images in the series. (makes for a nice series to set osx to alternate between automatically or for dual monitor setups.) Also, as always, by downloading these images you agree to my terms of use!