This was shot in a slim ray of light that cut through in between trees during sunset. You can see the ball of white that is the light of the sun in the corner there. I had other shots of this where the little flower-like things were more in focus but I prefer this shot over them for whatever reason. I just love how soft it is and I really think that it works with this. I have wanted to challenge myself to get away from these wide apertures some but they are just so interesting to shoot with and make photos using this style work in interesting ways like this photo (link) of the path that this was sitting off to the side of. I think I am getting weary of these wide aperture like photos because I see such a trend in using it as a crutch to make a nice looking image. So I guess you could say I have a love hate relationship with the idea... Part of why I love photography so much is because of all of the different approaches you can take to shooting something and its always great to challenge yourself to push it a little further which makes for a never ending learning process that I love.

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