The Dancer

There is a trick within the desktop making world, at least on the mac side of things, where you are supposed to give a desktop image a weight to the right side of the image, not the left as you see here. Supposedly because the Mac OS has always gone with aligning system icons in the finder on the right side of the screen you should always take care to make mac desktop images left heavy. For the longest time I followed this rule but as of late I have found myself ignoring it more often than not. I feel as though if you keep a tidy desktop then this should not be to big of a deal. When I take a photo, I frame it t he way I do for a reason. In a western train of thought your eye, while looking at an image or a page or a screen, generally starts looking from the top left because you are trained to do so when you learn to read and write. This means that an image may feel awkward if the balance lies on the left of an image. I know that there are times when the movement in a photo or a specific subject may require you to bend this impulse a bit but generally I seem to prefer the right weighted image.

Actually, I have reason taking a liking to sticking a subject right smack in the center of an image, interesting in a minimal kind of a way because it restricts the movement in the photo. The image here is interesting because if you notice the weight of the subject feels like it is the wood in the bottom right but you could just as easily pick the dancing flame in the center as your focal point. It splits your attention in a way. If you have a moment and you have read this far then leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on the matter, composition is such an interesting thing to me and makes or breaks a photo in my eyes.

So, at any rate, here is a photo of a fire in my fireplace. The first one of the season in fact. Enjoy!


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