"Figure Eight"

I was lucky enough to have a chance to visit this wall while I was over in L.A. recently and I'm sure some people out there know what it is from. For those of you who might not know it is a wall that was photographed and used in the design work of the Elliott Smith album "Figure Eight" It really was a great album cover. The only trouble really is that people had written all over it which is nice and all from a "let's pay our respects to the late Elliott Smith by writing a personal note in his memory" but it seems like over time the writing has gotten to be somewhat abused and it kind of defiles the original feeling I'm sure the wall had. All the same it was nice to be able to visit. Seems like not to many people know that the album cover for Figure Eight was actually two different photos which you can clearly see if you look around the edges of Elliott's body on the cover. At any rate I hope that there are some of you out there that would appreciate this image because that is what its there for and I hope you enjoy it.


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