"Blue" and "Blue Two"

I see desktops all over the web and I am always paying attention to the latest trends in what people seem to like on their desktops. Seems like everyone loves a nice vector illustration or an overzealous image killed by photoshop. Im not saying that there's not anything good in all of that, I love a bit of illustrative work here and there but eventually it all seems to blend together you know? I have a huge amount of respect for artists that seem to be doing something that appears to be a reflection of what they see in their mind and through their eyes rather than making shallow attempts to keep up with the trends within design or show off the fact that they learned how to use the latest graphics app. Alternately, taking these trends to some sort of personal level and fusing their own visions with them in a way that might allow for design and art to continue to evolve.

I have no idea if I help inspire anyone with my work or not but here within these desktops you will find little pieces of my life, little pieces of the world around me that I think others might enjoy. Sometimes these things are elaborate but generally these little peaks into my everyday are really simplified versions of the things I see. I can only hope that I continue to grow as an artist and garner the respect of other artists along the way. I guess sometimes I wonder if I will stand out as an artist or get lost in the mix. Only time can tell right?

So onto the new desktops, I have a couple of simple additions to the gallery here today. These shots are of the side of the head of a guitar amp. Bonus points for anyone who can tell me the name of the amp/company. Sorry for that bit of heart to heart with everyone. Enjoy the images! (I love the color of the blue in these, they make for a nice cushy looking computer screen. )


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