I do my best to keep this section up to date but keeping descriptions up to date is something I let fall behind sometimes. Still though, if you have an hour to kill and are looking for some new quality sites to dig around in, check these out!

Friends and Favorites:

Pixelgirl Presents
a wonderful and seemingly never ending collection of amazing desktops, icons, and now crafts and art! I have to give credit to this site for helping me out early on as i was beginning to push twistedsun.net as a site that had desktops available for download. She added an image or two for me as well as a link on her links page which both helped my confidence a good bit as well as helped generate some traffic to my site. On top of all of this i believe i have three different featured 'sexy desktops' among the gallery on the site. thanks pixelgirl!

this is one of my secret favorite sites that i check from time to time for electronic music reviews and desktops. i feel as though it was part of the inspiration for adding a music section to this site.

David's World
here we have a site that focuses on the blog of dave jansen, a 20 year old web developer form the netherlands that lends a regular commentary on life, tech news, pop culture in japan, and plenty more.

the new place to find dave talking about this and that. he has recently taken an interest in korea and you can expect all kinds of interesting things from him in the future so keep an eye on this one!

MacHome Magazine
this mac magazine has featured my desktops two different times in their magazine! although they never did get my permission to do so which is kind of frustrating when i think about it to much but in the end i don't mind simply because its always nice to be published in a nationally distributed magazine! i really do appreciate their support. they have also featured quite a few of my desktops on the machome hottips email newsletter as well so thanks for the ongoing support from this great mac magazine!

over the past few years i have been tracking this site and i've always been amazed at the work that has been released as desktops. i have always felt that we have a similar approach to composing images and i've felt inspired quite a few different times by images i've seen there. i have a huge amount of respect for the work on this site and i would suggest you head on over and check it out for yourself. whenever i browse my sites stats i find that people who link to my page are also linking to mandolux.com. i've noticed this more so than any other sites similar to mine. so anyways, if you like the type of desktops i post here on my little corner of the web then be sure to check out mandolux!

The Icon Factory
these guys are also based out of greensboro, nc and they are all about some icons. i followed them for a good year or so and even submitted news to them when i updated twistedsun.net before i realized they were greensboro locals. i love that they have an area on there home page that allows for other similar sites to have news updates. for instance, as i mentioned a moment ago, i can mail them a little blurb saying that i have new desktop images up and they will oh so kindly add this news to their home home page. i think that this shows really great support for the community of like minded sites online. they have helped my site grow simply from these little updates and i cant thank them enough for that even if they don't even realize how much they help out! so head over and check 'em out. they have some great little applications for the mac as well!

David lanham
i discovered davids artwork through pixelgirlpresents.com and have been a big fan of his work ever since. he dips into a seemingly bottomless well of ideas and never ceases to amaze me with his work! i cant seem to come up with the right words to describe his desktops, icons, and style in general so please head over and check him out!

Zappa Studios
i got some mail from these guys a while back and found that they are running a very cool site that is getting a fresh start in the online community. they will be featuring artists each month as well as hosting all sorts of other original artwork and imagery form there little corner of the web. check them out!

Boing Boing
this is a blog that features some really random yet amazing things. im always finding something interesting over there. anyone who likes really obscure things floating about the internet should look no further than boing boing.

The Post S.E.A Experience
A site from one of my long time readers that has also submitted plenty of great photos for the friends desktop section.

A few other sites I've designed/coordnated:

This is the audio production company that I work for. It is a family buisness run by my father. Iv'e been around the audio buisness all my life and at this point I think I learned everything I know subconciously by watching from the baby carrier on my dads back as he worked shows back in the day.

Flap Bags
home made bags and more.

WUAG 103.1 FM
local college radio station that I DJ at from time to time. check the website to get access to an online stream!.

a local jazz musician that wanted a new website. when he approached me to design the site he was looking to create two different sites within the space of one domain, one for his personal needs and one for his business needs. it gave me the chance to do a bit of problem solving and i ended up creating his website so you could seamlessly switch between his personal site and his business site without having to go back to a central home page or cluttering the main navigation with to many page links.

this was one of my first websites that i was really proud of making. at this point it's in need of an update but that will come soon i hope. i was trying to make it very self contained in a way that you could get to everything within the site easily.


The Designers Republic
this has been my favorite design firm for years and years, hands down some of the most gorgeous work i've ever seen.

a nice web design firm that has done some really really impressive websites that pushes the envelope when it comes to innovation in web design.

this guy makes some great music but just happens to be an incredible graphic designer as well.

Mac / Tech Related:

Mac Rabbit
a really great software developer for the mac platform. they make one of my very favorite pieces of software for osx called deskshade, everyone who loves there desktops and uses a mac should check this great app out! they also make the softare that helped me make this website, CSSEdit.

Real Mac Software
makers of the software i use to keep this site updated. its made it all to easy to keep content organized, up to date and operational.

the best mac oriented weblog i have ever come across, generally my only stop on the mac web community these days.

The Apple Blog
although it is not updated as regularly as TUAW this is a great mac blog for any fan of the platform.

one stop tech news for anyone that loves to keep up with the latest in the world of gadgets.

Music/ labels:

a drop in silence
an electronic music group here in NC that i am a menber of.

etcetera podcast
a podcast featuring unreleased bits of music from a drop in silence.

some of the best electronic music out there is available on this site, makes the electronic music section on the itunes music store look pretty weak.

Ghostly International
this is a primarily electronic label that is putting out some of the best music available today.

Warp Records
one of the best elecronic music labels out there. many of my favorite releases are available here.

Hush Records
ive been a fan of hush records for quite some time now. they have put out some really beautiful music.

Warm Records
these guys have released some really amazing records.

some truly original electronic music from over in california. you cant go wrong with any of there releases.

one of the most well respected indie electronic labels out there.

this label hosts some amazing electronic artists, a lot of talent can be found in there catalog.

Secretly Canadian
a nice label out of bloomington indiana that has put out quite a few favorites.

K Records
these guys seem like one big family and are always contributing to each others music in ways that are always unique and beautiful.

Japan Things: (mostly podcasts)

Of Rice and Zen
another podcast coming out of japan from an english speaking foreigner this podcast is all about someone who has recently moved to japan to teach english at a chain school and since day one he has been keeping up in his weblog as well as a weekly podcast which i always find funny, enlightening, and entertaining. his dry british humor is always a welcome addition to his stories of his adventures in japan.

Josh in Japan Podcast
i came across a few new podcasts from japan that are in english and are all really good listens if you are at all interested in japan. this show is a wonderfully simple and honest look at a lot of the things people think of when they think of japan such as vending machines, food, and lodging. each episode features a different topic and covers them really well. the guy that does the podcast is positioned in japan via the u.s. navy and fell in love with the place as he spent more time there. at least thats what i gather listening.

Herro From Japan
i love this podcast, it is probably the best sounding podcast that i have heard which contrasts to the fact that there is no fancy production in site. its a simple approach to podcasting that i really like and it ends up being really entertaining because you have the chance to really get submerged into the life of the host. it is also probably the most personal podcast i have heard, i cant figure out why podcasters are so afraid to give out there true identity. this is not one to miss!

Tokyo Calling Podcast
this is another new one to me and im really enjoying it. so far it seems very loose and a lot of the time the host is talking from various places out and about in tokyo which is kind of interesting to me because you can hear the environment around him. i think hes an english teacher over there and has lived in tokyo for 7 years. the show is just a little look into his experiences in tokyo and seems to be a good listen.

Planet Japan Podcast
this podcast features two different hosts that talk about all kinds of various news about japan in general and i really dont know to much as far as specifics go but its a pretty good listen overall.

Japan Lite
this nice little site is a great place to hang out and read some great humorous articles about life in japan. the site centers around the writings of amy chavez, a columnist that writes for the japan times as well as a host of the planet japan podcast which i mentioned above. She has a great newsletter that you can subscribe to that gives you articles in your email. I should also note her $1 bookstore that has a lot of e-books on japan which I have yet to check out but seem very cool.

Gaijin Pot
this is currently my favorite resource on the practical side of living in japan. here you will find job listings, apartment listings, info on living in japan and forums to chat away with other people with similar interests.

often a bit vulgar for some but nine times out of ten he has me laughing out loud. this british guy moved to japan as a JET teacher but is now living there as a graphic designer/ web developer and keeps a website full of seemingly endless amounts of crude humor and sarcasm that will make you weak in the knees.

Kyoto Podcast
one of the first japan related podcasts.