All about Podcasts

At this point the term podcast and the idea behind it has safely settled into most internet users vocabulary but I am wondering how many people put them to use or even know how many great shows there are out there. I set off to do a little research for this write up and find some good music podcasts for you guys to check out that I listen to but ended up finding a lot more worth mentioning as well. These days you can find music, news, cartoons, language lessons, travel help, personal confessions, and all sorts of other types of shows. The podcasting world is easily as diverse as the world of blogging and shows no signs of slowing down.

So here are a few recommended channels to look through and give a shot... (please note that some links point to itunes. also, the links at the ti)

This is a seattle based radio station that has a wonderful set of podcasts available featuring great new music and in studio performances from a great list of musicians. Their Song of the Day (iTunes link) podcast is a great way to discover new artists in a totally legal way and the in studio performance podcast (itunes link) has a really impressive list of performers!

This is another college radio station that has made many of their radio shows available as downloadable podcasts. They feature many different news shows as well as one of my recent favorites, Morning Becomes Eclectic which is a great music show.

The National Public Radio network has a huge amount of shows available as podcasts these days and hosts a show I like to listen to from time to time This American Life (iTunes link)

Slate Magazine
Tons of great news shows.

A few other random podcasts that I listen to... ( all iTunes links)
Of Rice and Zen - Soaking wet with witty british humor. Created by an english teacher in Japan.
XLR8R - Weekly podcast from the mostly electronic music magazine of the same name that features great new music.
Tokyo Calling - A good example of the more personal side of podcasting. Always something interesting to be found.
Misadventures in Taiwan - Always manages to make me laugh in some way or another, I can't remember how I found it...
Trans Pacific Radio (not itunes link)- News and discussions about modern Japan. A really well done show!

There are many others around and maybe from time to time I will post something about other shows ive been listening to, I think I mostly just wanted to post about these few recent favorite places to go for news and music so hopefully some of you found some interesting shows to check out!