jamie lidell live


i will be reviewing an album soon by jamie lidell called "multiply" that is absolutely amazing. i was checking out his website today for tour plans and remembered that there are some great videos on his site. i would suggest you head over and check out the video on his site that shows a little glimpse into what his live shows are like. every time i read something about the guy i hear about how amazing he is live and after seeing this video i am planning a trip to go see him live as it would seem to be something that would be foolish to miss!

there is a lot of improve involved in the performance and this is obvious right off the bat as you watch the video. he takes his own beat boxing and loops it as he sings over top of himself. its something that has to be seen to be understood and/or believed.

so head over and click the link in his videos page that is an image of a stack of film reels with some writing on the side. the performance is of a song on his album called the city. (there is also a music video of this song that is equally amazing that can be found by clicking the link with the image of him shaving)

heres a link to the videos!

also you should note that his album differs from the live performance quite a bit as you can find out by checking out his album on itunes or by reading my review when i get that up in the next day or so. heres the itunes link!